Karissa Shannon Story

The world is a hectic location wherever all the folks are active in the rat race and therefore misplaced in existence. 1 these celebrity who has achieved the status of a star and is making waves wherever she goes is Karissa Shannon.

Karissa Shannon is a playboy playmate who has previously appeared on the cover page of Playboy magazine and has created a great impact on the children. Her class is noticed from the reality that she has stayed in the Playboy Mansion with the popular Hugh Heffner and has been regarded as as one particular of his closest associate. Even so, at present The present ‘the Women Subsequent Door’ is undertaking the great for these ladies and they have by now turn into the discuss of the town. Although there have been very a few allegations from the ladies, there has been no alter in the stardom they get pleasure from. Karissa has accepted the reality of having appeared in a intercourse tape but critically doubts its existence with Spencer Pratt with whom she created it.

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